ecdp's 18th AGM

ecdp’s 18th AGM took place on 18 November 2015.

Like last year’s event, its purpose was solely to deal with the formalities that AGMs normally have to consider – like appointing ecdp’s Chair for the next 12 months and approving the financial accounts for the year gone by.

It was well-attended and the questions from our Members were excellent (thank you!).

Terry Collin was elected as Chair for 2015/16 but, as he advised the meeting, this will be his last year as Chairman as ecdp’s rules stipulate that he will be unable to stand for a further 12 months at the 2016 AGM.

The following members were also re-elected:

  • Pat Gaudin, Vice-Chair
  • Brain Goodwin, Treasurer
  • Marion Williams, Senior Independent Director
  • Ann Nutt and Steve Carey, Board members

Overview from ecdp's CEO, Mike Adams, OBE

Mike gave a brief overview of ecdp’s activities during 2014/15. Among the things he highlighted were:

  • The expansion of ecdp’s work around mental health issues, the successful 555 Project, in particular
  • Drawing on the Voice of disabled people to influence national policy, including, increasingly, in the health arena
  • Expanding ecdp’s range of partnerships and diversifying its income base – including attracting financial support from the private sector

Looking ahead, Mike reflected on the changing nature of service delivery to disabled people – with a move towards the greater integration and personalisation of services, alongside the increasing impact of the digital world in which we all now operate. These elements are shaping our futures and ecdp will have to evolve to meet the needs of disabled people, while recognising that not everyone is able to embrace new technologies.

Terry commented that Mike and the Board were very much aware that there were lots of challenges ahead but that they were definitely up for them!

An ecdp Member, Brian Parkin, emphasised the importance of ‘people who have been through it’ in developing new projects and services. Mike wholeheartedly agreed and reassured the meeting that the ability to draw on lived experience was what made ecdp distinctive and this would always be at the heart of what we do.


Moving on to ecdp’s finances, the Treasurer, Brian Goodwin, recommended approval of the preceding year’s accounts and this was agreed unanimously. Brian underlined that the Board takes its responsibilities in managing ecdp’s finances very seriously. Despite future challenges, ecdp is in a good financial position to move forward.


Responding to a question about pensions and auto-enrolment, Mike agreed that this was a major issue for many disabled people. ecdp has highlighted this with local authorities and the CCGs it works with. To date, however, the response from them had been muted.

Wrapping up the meeting, the Chair thanked everyone for attending the meeting and said that he hoped to see them again in 2016.

The Minutes of the meeting can be found here:

ecdp 18th AGM 18 November 2015

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